Registration process

Questions answered:

  • What teams will we have?
  • What are the fees?
  • How do I register?
  • What night will my kids train?
  • When does it all start?
  • What is included in my fees?
  • What discounts are available?
  • Can I get more information?

This page will give you all the information you need to register for the 2021 season.

What teams will we have?

In 2021 we are planning for teams in all ages, including all girls teams from U9 through to U15. 

We will also field an Under 18 team in 2021.

In seniors, we will have our premier teams and several city and masters teams. 

What are the fees?

The fees for 2021 are listed in the table below.

All new miniroos (U6 – U11) will have the option to select a playing kit package as part of the registration process, this is discounted to $45.

For 2021 all miniroos (U6 – U11) returning players will be provided the option of purchasing a new kit or to use the 2020 one they currently have.

Miniroo kits will be available to purchase after registration at the cafe, a full kit package will cost $55.

Junior players will need to purchase socks and shorts (same style as 2020) from the cafe and a playing top will be provided for the season.

To be clear, the fee this year does not include kit; we are hopeful that most returning kids will not need a new kit this year, however if a new kit is required then there is an option to purchase as a discount price of $45 at the time of registration.

Miniroo kit for 2021
Group2021 Fee (AUD)
Under 6 / 7$340
Under 8 / 9$365
Under 10 / 11$375
Under 12$390
Under 13$420
Under 14$430
Under 15$440
Under 16$450
Under 18 / 20$490
City Women$535
City Men$555
Capital Women / Reserves$450
BPL Men / Reserves$650
Over 35 / 45$440

Note: Under 9, 10 and 11 Komodo teams will be subject to a further surcharge to cover coaching costs and additional training night.

Toowong FC’s Refund Policy can be accessed here

How do I register?

My Football Club has been replaced with the new Play Football registration system. Registration will open on the early January.

Please note all Seniors (U18, Mens, Women) and Masters should not register until invited to do so by your relevant team coach.

Step 1: Head to the Toowong FC portal >> Here <<

Step 2: Create your Football Account

To access the registration system you will need a Football Account. If you do not already have one you can create one very easily using your email address, Facebook login or Google log-in.

You can now register multiple individuals from a single account, allowing you to register and manage your whole family from a single login.

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to claim your participant history if your email address or social login does not match the email address used for registrations on the old My Football Club.

Step 3: Claiming your participant history

If you were previously registered on the My Football Club system, FFA has now migrated all your current and previous registrations to the new system.

After logging into your Football Account, you will be presented with a list of matching profiles from My Football Club where the email addresses match. You must link any profiles at this stage in order to view registration history and register them in the future.

Step 4: Registering

Once you have registered, you will be able to create a registration for any of the linked individuals or add new ones to your profile. You will need a photograph of the participant during the registration process.

Step 5: Optional extras

If you are new to the Club, or require a new Miniroo kit, add the option now to get the full kit at a discount rate of $45.

Step 6: Vouchers (if applicable)

If you are planning on using a FairPlay voucher or have been confirmed as a coach (and wish to get a discount at the time of registering), please use the >> Contact Us << form to request the appropriate codes.

When you receive these they can be entered at the final checkout point:

Step 6: Next Steps

Don’t leave it to the last minute to claim your participant profile! Even if your club has not opened registrations yet, you can start the process now and return once registrations are open.

If you have any questions, please >> Contact Us <<

What night will my kids train?

Tuesday: U13, U14, U15 and U16 (Boys)
Wednesday: U6, U7, U8 (all mixed), U9, U10, U11 and U12 (Boys)
Thursday: U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14 and U15 (Girls)

When does it all start?

Information day – 27 February from 9am – 12pm
Training starts for U12 (due to grading) – 10th/11th February*
Grading rounds for U12 teams – 5th March (any day on weekend)
Training starts for juniors (U13 to U16) – 9th / 11th February
Training starts for in house U6 / U7 Program – 3rd March
Training starts for Miniroos – 3rd / 4th March
Season starts for Juniors – 12th March
Season starts for Miniroos – 24th April

* Where two dates shown this is due to different training night for boys / girls teams

See our Return to Football page for all the information you need to know about returning to training.

What is included in the fees?

The Committee have been working very hard over the last few months to make sure that our fees for 2021 continue to provide the best value possible.

In 2021 the fees will include:

  • All costs associated with playing
  • All costs associated with running the Club
  • GST

No other in season costs to pay. 

In a bit more detail, the average allocation of cost to the fees are described below.

Each area above consists of the following items:

  • Player registration
    FFA, FQ and FB registration costs (including transaction charges)
  • Referees
    All home day referees (including Miniroo referees)
  • Football administration
    Equipment (balls, goals, bibs, cones)
    FB Affiliation Fees
    FB Referee Development
    FB Media Levy
    FB Gala dinner
    Trophy Day MiniRoos
    Senior Presentation
    Coach Training (Community)
    Coaches attire
    Cup entry
    Trophy Day Juniors
  • General administration
    Accountancy and auditing Fees
    Insurance (Inc Workcover)
    Internet / website
    Pos of Sale system
    EFTPOS Facility
    Cloud accounting system
    Sponsorship costs (signage)
    General office administration (printing)
    Facility pest control
    Facility cleaner
  • Utilities
    Light and power
    BCC Lease
    General purpose bin
  • Maintenance
    Aeration, topsoil and turfing annually
    Professional groundsman
    Clubhouse and Surrounds upkeep
    Lighting / electrical upkeep
  • Club management costs
    Canteen Manager
    Director of Coaching
    General Manager (permanent part time position from 2019)

To ensure that we keep the fees as low as possible the Club allows for several different income streams to cover all of our running costs. This is shown below.

As can be seen the canteen plays a very important part in this, hence why we are committing some of our reserved funds to upgrade it this year. These works will be ready to offer a much greater range of food on training and match days in 2021 and beyond.

What discounts are available?

As per previous years the Club is committed to giving back as much as we can to encourage people to get involved. The discounts for 2021 include:

  • $50 reduction on fees for the second, and each subsequent, family member that joins the Club (applicable at registration in 2021)
  • $185 reduction in your Miniroo child’s fees if you take on a Miniroo team Coach role (1 coach per team for MiniRoos)
  • Childs fees waived if you coach a junior team that your child plays in (maximum of 1 coach per team in Juniors)
  • $275 senior discount (approximately 50%) if you coach a junior or miniroo team (maximum of 1 coach per team)
  • $200 reduction in one family members fees for being a Committee member

If you do not have a community coaching qualification, it is required that you obtain one (with the cost covered by the Club).

Can I get more information?

Of course! Simply select the correct reference below and drop us a message.