Registration for MiniRoos also opens in early January and we are aiming to start training in March.

For the U09 – U11 age groups we have held dedicated sessions to identify potential Komodo level players like last year, we will also aim to grade players during normal sessions to ensure that we have balance across each team, not just for the benefit of our players but also to improve the competitions. This will be led by Cail, our Director of Coaching.

Initial trial dates for boys and girls looking to join a Komodo team in the 2021 season are set for 16 and 20 January. Information about the trials, including a link to our registration form, are available >>here<<

Our aim is to field a minimum of 3 teams in each age group, however we believe we can sustain 4 per age group and are keen to engage with parents, schools and other local networks to spread the word.



Registration will open in early January. Our current Junior members have already been surveyed as to their intentions. Provisional training times:

  • Under 12 (boys), Wednesdays 530pm to 720pm
  • Under 12-16 (girls), Thursdays 545pm to 720pm
  • Under 13-16 (boys), Tuesdays 530pm to 720pm

We’ll be holding open musters at Dunmore Park for our 2021 junior boys and girls teams, starting in late January. These sessions are open to existing and new players, across a variety of ages and skill levels. Click >>here<< for information about the musters, including a link to our registration form.

We expect field access for registered players to start training in February (exciting!).