Codes of Conduct

National Code of Conduct
FFA National Spectator Code of Conduct
RESPECT Senior Players
RESPECT Junior Players
RESPECT Match Officials


Health and Safety Policies

TFC Memo 21-001 Safety considerations (includes Concussion Guidelines)
TFC 2021 Manual – Equipment Management
FFA Member Protection Framework (includes Child Protection procedures)
FFA Member Protection Policy
Football Queensland Heat Policy
Football Queensland Lightning Policy
TFC No Smoking Policy

In accordance with local legislation, Toowong FC is a completely NO SMOKING venue. Signage is posted along all fences and adjacent to all grandstands. Regardless of the age of participants, smoking is not tolerated at Dunmore Park during any event (training, games, event).

Other Policies

TFC Policy on fines arising from unlawful activity on the field of play

If a player receives a fine from a sending off, or from an accumulation of yellow cards, the PLAYER is responsible for paying the fine in full. If the fine is not paid within 14 days of being requested to do so, the player will not be permitted to play in any further matches until the matter is resolved.

TFC Refund Policy (for Players and Shop purchases)
Football Queensland Social Media Guidelines
Good Sports Policy

Managing Disputes at Toowong FC

From time to time we understand that disputes can arise in a game as passionate as football. We seek to resolve all issues to the satisfaction of the members and Committee in a timely fashion. All Members have a responsibility to participate in reasonable actions to resolve issues and therefore we ask that you assist in this by following the procedure outlined below.


Any person wishing to raise an issue shall do so, by email, to the first point of contact below:

  • Coach
  • General manager (if related to Coach)

As soon as possible after an issue has been reported, the Coach or GM must undertake an initial assessment to determine if the issue requires further investigation.

If so, the GM will lead an investigation with an independent Committee member. The MPIO will be notified. At the conclusion of this, the party reported will be given 48 hours to respond. After this a meeting will be held to formalise the case.

If it is determined that the party has breached any of the codes of conduct, then an appropriate penalty will be applied.

An appeal process is built into this and if made by email within 48 hours the President and Secretary will consider the case with the outcome being a further meeting or that there is no need to revise the initial findings.

If, after 14 days from the final determination, the matter is still not resolved, a Committee member who is not a party to the dispute, or another suitable independent person will be appointed by the committee as a mediator. The mediator will work with the parties to resolve the issue within 10 days.

The Committee takes all incidents reported seriously and encourages all parties to report any matter as soon as possible by email.

The following flow diagram simplifies the process.

Dispute resolution flow

Risk Management

Risk management is a key part of our Club. We review our risks regularly, with safety the first discussion point of every club meeting. The current high level RMP is provided below.

Coaches are also encouraged to undertake a match day survey of any fields they visit, helping the football community to keep on top of all safety matters. If you discover an issue, send the completed form to the General Manager.