Training and home games (including Summer Sixes)

Where the weather has caused us to close access to our fields, we’ll post notifications on:

  • Our website – the field status in the top left-hand of our webpage notes whether fields are open or closed
  • Our Facebook page (on busier days)

We also directly inform the Toowong FC team manager/coach.

If there’s nothing posted on either our website or Facebook, fields are open and football activities are proceeding as planned. Check with your coach or team manager if you are still unsure.

Away games

Game details are updated in Squadi once fields are closed, so check your app for details of game postponements due to field closures. You can also look at the away team’s website or Facebook page for details of field closures.

Behind the Scenes…

How do we determine when to close fields?

Fields are closed when they are deemed unsafe for participants, or when there is risk of significant damage to the playing surface, which is the Club’s key asset. A Club Official will inspect fields prior to making the call.

If conditions deteriorate during training, coaches are responsible for ensuring that conditions remain safe for players. If conditions deteriorate during or before games while the fields remain opened, the referee will determine whether it is safe to play.

When do we decide?

  • Training – as best possible, we aim to inspect pitches and determine whether fields need to be closed by 4pm.
  • Home games – the fields are inspected at least two hours before the first game of the day (this includes Summer Sixes).

Fields may be closed in advance of these timeframes depending on field condition and forecast weather.