Update from Toowong FC Committee – Sunday 6 March

We have made amazing progress on the flood recovery cleanup at Dunmore Park. Over one hundred volunteers showed up yesterday to clear the facilities and pitch of rubbish, recover and clean equipment, wash out and disinfect the clubhouse, scoop mud out of drains and begin assessments for building, electrical and plumbing repairs.

Thank you to all of our members, neighbours and football family who showed up to pitch in, and to the hard working helpers from Julian Simmonds MP, UQFC and The Gap FC. We were able to get through our whole program of work for the weekend, and wouldn’t have achieved this without so much practical assistance.

We also want to highlight local businesses who provided support for Saturday’s working bee:

  • Sendok Garpu at Indooroopilly for providing 50 hot, delicious meals for our volunteers
  • Naturally Fruit at Taringa for providing trays of apples and bananas
  • Grow Collective for coming down with a petrol powered gurney to speed up the external cleanup.

We’ve been heartened by the offers of assistance coming in from our members and the wider community, and will keep working with all levels of government to speed up our return to football operations.

Before (Sun 27 Feb), and After (Sat 5 March)

What’s next?

This week we’ll have our groundskeeper down to mow and inspect the fields, tradespeople in to attempt to get power and potable water back online safely, and building assessments continuing following the initial cleanup. 

We’ll continue to provide updates on our progress as we work our way back onto the pitch at Dunmore Park, and into the 2022 football season ahead!