Club roles

With the exception of the General Manager position, all other roles are volunteer based. To ensure good governance at all times, the Club is structured into portfolios like so:

Toowong FC 2023 departmental structure


Our Executive is made up of our President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Unlike some other clubs, we have aligned all committee roles with a role; that is we have no “general” committee members. With the introduction of the GM position, the following roles are currently not required:

  • Registrar
  • Equipment manager
  • Non-executive Secretary activities
  • Facilities Manager
  • Non-cafe Operation Manager activities
  • Non -active Saturday Miniroo Coordinator activities

Our Operations Manager is responsible for management of the canteen, and reports to the General Manager.

This leaves the following active roles:

  • Miniroos and Junior Coordinators [football]
  • Women’s Coordinator [football]
  • Men’s Coordinator [football]
  • Masters Coordinator [football]
  • Director of Coaching [football]
  • Partnerships Manager [commercial]
  • Media Coordinator [communications]
  • Member Protection Information Officer [portfolio independent]

Position descriptions for each of these roles can be located below.