Club roles

With the exception of the General Manager position, all other roles are volunteer based. To ensure good governance at all times, the Club is structured like so:

Toowong FC 2019 departmental structure


Our executive is made up of our President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Unlike some other clubs, we have aligned all committee roles with a role; that is we have no “general” committee members. With the introduction of the GM position, the following roles are currently not required:

  • Registrar
  • Equipment manager
  • Non-executive Secretary activities
  • Facilities Manager
  • Non-cafe Operation Manager activities
  • Non -active Saturday Miniroo Coordinator activities

This leaves the following active roles:

  • Women’s Coordinator
  • Men’s Coordinator
  • Partnerships Manager(s)
  • Media Coordinator
  • Youths Coordinator
  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Coaching
  • Director of Female Participation
  • Projects Director

Position descriptions for each of these roles can be located below.