Meet the team

Meet the people that keep the Club running smoothly. Simply click on their image for a more detailed bio. If you want to understand what each person does, simply refer to our Position Descriptions page.

The Committee is volunteer based and we although we commit as much time as we can we rely heavily on our General Manager to keep everything flowing along.

With 1000 members over the two seasons this time of year the workload does spike, so please bear with us as it can take a wee bit longer to address all of the questions.

Tim Kotrlik

Tim is our Clubs Treasurer, elected in 2020. He is also a parent to two Toowong FC players.

Will Vandenberg

Will is now into his third year as President. He is not only a parent of 2 kids at the Club, but still plays in our Masters.

Rebecca Ashelford

Becky is our Clubs Secretary, elected at the 2018 AGM (held in June 2019).

Becky was our Women’s Representative for over 4 years and plays in our City 2 team.

Pete Muir

Pete is our Projects Director, responsible for finances, delivering Club projects and grant applications.

Karen Muir

Karen is our General Manager and holds an AFC ‘Youth C’ coaching licence. She is the first contact you will have at the Club.

Courtney Green

Courtney is our Media Coordinator and also plays for our City 2 Women team.

Cail Turp

Cail is our Director of Coaching and has been a member of the club for over 10 years.