Meet the team

Meet the people that keep the Club running smoothly. Simply click on their image for a more detailed bio. If you want to understand what each person does, simply refer to our Position Descriptions page.

The Committee is volunteer based and we although we commit as much time as we can we rely heavily on our General Manager to keep everything flowing along.

With 1000 members over the winter and summer seasons, the workload does spike at the beginning of the year, so please bear with us as it can take a wee bit longer to address all of the questions.

Seamus Monaghan

Seamus is the Club’s Men’s Coordinator, managing our men’s metro teams. Seamus currently plays for our O35 Div 2 men’s team, and coaches our Div 4 Women’s Metro team.

Makayla Major

Makayla is our Women’s Coordinator, responsible for the Club’s senior women’s teams, and spearheading our pathway for girls from the junior teams. She also plays on our FQPL3 team and coaches the U14 girls.

Kate Hannah

Kate is our Media Coordinator, responsible for our online presence and managing communications from the club to members and friends. Kate is a member of Toowong FC’s inaugural O30 women’s team, and has been a coach and manager for various miniroos and junior teams over the years.

Miranda Mason

Miranda is one of the Club’s Miniroos Coordinators, managing mixed/boys teams from U8 to U12. She also is both a player and parent at the Club.

Oliver Vandenberg

Oliver is our Operations Manager and a former player at the Club. He is responsible for running our canteen.

Mich Matsuda

Mich is our General Manager, and also is both a player and parent at the Club. She is the first point of contact for most people at the Club and keeps things operating smoothly.

Matthew Gore

Matt is our Junior Coordinator, responsible for our U13 to U17 teams. He is also a parent at the Club.

Will Vandenberg

Will is our Club Secretary after serving seven years as Club President. He is both a parent and player at the Club, as well as previously serving as Junior Coordinator.

Becky Ashelford

Becky is our Club President, elected in 2023. Becky was Secretary and Women’s Coordinator prior to that, she also plays for and coaches our Metro 3 Women’s team and coaches our Masters Women.

Cail Turp

Cail is our Director of Coaching and has been a member of the club for over 10 years.