7 thoughts on “Registration for 2017 now Open!

  1. Good morning. I’ve registered my son for Under 18s and ticked “pay at the club”. I’ve now realised that I’ve missed the two information days, so can I please pay some other way ie credit card/eftpos?

  2. Hello, is it too late to register for U11 and U7?

    I have seen the helpful online registration instructions, but is there anyone I can talk to before I go through that as I have a couple of questions. I note T: 3123 5941 does not seem to work.

  3. Dear Toowong FC
    I have an 11 years old boy and I want to registered.

    So, can you send me back how to registered,

    Kind regard

  4. Hello
    I’m 26 years old and I would like play in your team.
    Can I do this? How can I play here?

    King regards.

  5. Hi I’m 21 and looking to join a woman’s team , how can I find out more about the team I would be playing with?

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