Update from Toowong FC Committee – Monday 28 Feb 1pm

As you have all no doubt seen, we have been devastated again by flooding at Dunmore Park, with the severity of this impact largely unpredicted resulting in more significant loss and damage to our facility and property. 

We know our members are all keen to get in and help, but with the water still high and dangerous conditions likely, we request that you all stay away from the club and fields until we can properly assess and understand the situation.

We have a team of volunteers with professional backgrounds who will enter the facility to make it safe as soon as practicable (electrical and sewer), assess the damage, and then put together an effective plan to allow you all to assist in getting us back up and running as quickly as possible. 

There will be lots of jobs from cleaning, to washing, to minor demolition, so we will need your help. 

The fields may also be contaminated depending on the volume of river water that passed through, so we would encourage limited use of the area until we can get the appropriate clearance from BCC.

Thanks for your patience over the next week while we complete the planning. We want to make sure we will all be safe and that the clean up is as efficient as possible. 

Toowong FC Clubhouse – Sunday 27 February 2022
Toowong FC Changeroom and Clubhouse – Sunday 27 February 2022
Toowong FC Clubhouse – Monday 28 February 2022
Field 2 (from Lang Parade) – Monday 28 February 2022