At the end of every awesome season at Toowong FC we celebrate our young players and their amazing development, we thank their coaches for their support and encouragement and all the mums, dads and carers for supporting our coaches and most importantly their children in their own football journey, whatever that may look like.

We will have bouncy castles, assault course, lazer skirmish, Roar inflatable field, bubble football, food carts and much more!

The presentations will run through the evening:

  • U6/7 – 6.10pm
  • U8 – 6.25pm
  • U9 – 6.40pm
  • U10 – 7.00pm
  • U11 – 7.20pm
  • U12 – 7.40pm
  • U13 – 7.55pm
  • U14 – 8.05pm
  • U15 – 8.15pm
  • U16 – 8.25pm

Thank you everyone, we hope you can join us!