Phase 1 complete!

As you have all no doubt seen, our Brisbane City Council (BCC) grant funded improved spectator project is well underway. Our contractor JBBK Constructions recently completed the extension of the concourse area, including the installation of the new field fencing.

The next Phase of the project will be the relocation of the steel columns holding up the roof, followed by the enclosure of the canteen area.

The Club Projects Director Pete Muir said “It’s really exciting to finally see the delivery of concepts that have been set out in our strategic planning since 2014 (Towards 2021). “

“This project will not only delivery up to 450 seats, but will utilise the existing building roof to provide around 150 on field 1 that are “sun safe” all year round.”

“In addition, the enclosed canteen area will finally give us a larger area we can hold meetings and delivery courses, such as referee training.”

The next Phases will continue from next week, with the new grandstands being delivered and installed on Friday.