2018 Senior Event

Thanks to everyone that made our 2018 Senior event a fantastic night of celebration as a Club. The full list of award recipients is provided below.

Enjoy the short break until the Summer season starts 🙂


2018 Under 18 Division 3
Players Player: George Humphris
Most Improved: Sebastian Lynch
Coaches Award: Ryan Carlton

2018 Under 20 Division 1
Players Player: Ben Stanley
Most Improved: Hugh Ceirszko
Coaches Award: Ben Stanley

2018 Womens City 4
Tomcat of the Year: Natalie Haetzman
Players Player: Natalie Haetzman
Most Improved: Shanilka Dharmakirti
Coaches Award: Rachel Trigger

2018 Womens City 3
Tomcat of the Year: Lauren Mitchell
Players Player: Helen Gibson
Most Improved: Kim Ryan
Coaches Award: Eliza Marcelo

2018 Women Capital 1
Tomcat of the Year: Ella Archibald-Binge and Penny Channon
Players Player: Penny Channon
Most Improved: Bethan Carvill
Coaches Award: Natalie Johnson

2018 Mens City 2
Players Player: Cameron Wilson
Most Improved: Ross Kline
Coaches Award: Brad Lucas

2018 Mens City 4
Players Player: Chris Harris
Most Improved: Tom Youngberry
Coaches Award: Christian Moy

2018 Mens City 6
Players Player: Andrew Burridge
Most Improved: Josh Chalmers
Coaches Award: Macleay Frost-Innes

2018 Mens Capital 1
Players Player: James Grogan
Most Improved: Oliver Garratty
Coaches Award: Angus Griffin

2018 Mens Capital 1 Reserves
Players Player: Thomas Lister
Most Improved: Jeremy Osborn
Coaches Award: Andrew Alderton

2018 Over 35’s Division 1
Players Player: Cail Turp
Coaches Award: Adam Bonney

2018 Over 35’s Division 3
Players Player: Mark Stones
Coaches Award: Frank Compton

2018 Over 35’s Division 5
Players Player: Paul Duce
Coaches Award: Patrick Lindsay

2018 Over 45’s Divsion 1
Players Player: Everyone is awesome
Coaches Award: Everyone is awesome