2017 Committee needs you!

For the first time in several years there will be significant change to our Committee membership heading into next season.
Our Treasurer, Equipment Coordinator and a general member are leaving us after several years of excellent volunteering.

In addition to these departures our President, Brendon Boss, is tackling a fantastic new opportunity in his ‘real’ job, and has therefore decided to step back from the Executive. Many thanks to Terry, Ros, Richard and Brendon for all their fantastic efforts in the ongoing transformation of the Club.

A community football club is no different from any other organisation – it relies on a regular injection of new faces, energy and thinking to ensure that it continues to thrive and improve. If this doesn’t happen then the incumbent Committee gets stretched and stagnant and before we know it we have taken 10 steps backwards!

The table below shows the Committee roles we are seeking to fill in 2017, along with any nominations received to date and also an indication of the average effort required (per week):

Role Current 2017 Hours
President Brendon Will 5
Vice President Bobby Bobby 3
Treasurer Terry Anthony 3
Secretary Pete Pete 5
Equipment Manager Ros Vacant 2
Partnerships Manager Brendon 2
Fundraising Coordinator Vacant 1
Communications Coordinator Vacant 2
Women Representative Becky Becky 2
Men Representative Cail Cail 2
Miniroo Coordinator Will Vacant 2
Junior Coordinator Will Vacant 2
Football Coordinator Vacant 3

Please take the time to consider if you would be willing to commit some time to the Club and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more detail on any of the roles listed. We cannot stress how important it is to fill these roles – many hands make light work!